About Our School

Letter from the Executive Director

Welcome to Carolus Online Academy! Our inaugural school year completion is underway, and we are thrilled that you have partnered with us for your child’s education. Our academic plan caters to every student, and we have fostered a culture of hope. We believe in each student’s potential for achievement and success. We are also excited to announce that we are extending our academics from K-8 to K-12 this August.

At Carolus, we hold ourselves to a high level of accountability and are invested in our students and their academic and social and emotional health and success. We know you have a choice in your child’s education, and we are steadfast toward our commitment to providing exemplary instruction, engaging lessons taught by highly qualified South Carolina-certified teachers, and preparing students for the soft skills needed to be successful and competitive.

Here is what sets us apart:

  1. Personalized Academic Plans: At Carolus, we recognize that every student is unique. Our tailored academic plans cater to individual needs, ensuring a holistic learning experience.
  2. Hope and Belief in Success: We have cultivated a culture of hope—a belief that every student can achieve and thrive. Our dedicated educators and staff work tirelessly to foster this mindset. We are also excited to share that COA will be a fully trauma-informed school prior to August of this year.
  3. Expanded Counselor Role: High school students have long benefited from working with a counselor to support their needs. Our high school counselor will work with students to ensure they are on track for a successful graduate plan and post-graduate endeavors.
  4. Accountability: As an online school, we hold ourselves to rigorous standards. We are accountable not only to the state but, more importantly, to our students.
  5. Beyond Tradition: While we are not the traditional brick-and-mortar school, our dedication remains steadfast. Choosing Carolus means prioritizing your child’s growth and success.
  6. New clubs and programs: We are introducing the National Junior Honor Society and the National Honor Society to our school with an induction in October of 2024.
  7. New programs: We are happy to announce that we are creating a Parent Ambassador and Student Ambassador program for our school this Fall. These programs will help new and existing families connect across the state and further build a sense of community. We will also start our Gifted pilot program for Gifted/ALP learners this Fall.

We look forward to the 24/25 school year and adding 9-12 grade this Fall. We will continue to be a beacon of hope, growth, and integrity for the students we serve. Carolus Online Academy is not merely a school; it is a community—a place where dreams take flight, where character is forged, and where success knows no bounds.

With gratitude,